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Business Engineering Vs. Business Development

1 thought on “Business Engineering Vs. Business Development

  1. Daniel DavidsonDaniel Davidson Post author

    While at the first glance these two terms may seem very similar and they may seem to describe the same professional function, in reality they are extremely different. While to perform one, the knowledge and expertise in the other is required and necessary, to do the other, the first may be completely vague and unknown.

    Business Development is usually referred to as Selling The Services or The Products Of A Company, Promoting The Services Or The Products Or The Company Itself, Introducing The Services or Products or the Company, Expanding the Services, Products or the Company or a variation of these ideas. In other words, functioning in some capacity to expand and grow and promote the services, business and products of an existing entity.

    On the other hand, Business Engineering is a completely different concept.

    It is conversion of an idea from a twinkle of someone’s imagination to a hustling and bustling, money making, successful real entity.

    American Elite is a Business Engineering and Executive Administrative Company. Could you imagine what goes into creating a business?

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