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American Elite Foundation was originally called Messiah International Foundation and was founded in 1997 by Dr. Daniel Davidson in Los Angeles. In these years, this non-profit organization has morphologically changed and transformed into formation in many ways, but one thing has always remained constant, and that has always the constants. Constants have always had the desire to serve the unfortunate and those in need regardless of race, color, religion, or any other factors. The one thing that has always led the way, through the darkness and tough days, the beacon has always been the light of love. Just love. Love for humanity, for the planet, for animals. Just love for life and everything that is alive. The mission of the foundation, which has been to serve those who need a hand-up and in search of a kind heart; and to serve them wholeheartedly, regardless of the means, but always with passion and with the intension to give, no matter how small that means may be. Throughout the years, in cooperation with tens of charities and foundations, American Elite has participated in various forms in fulfilling in mission and it continues to do so, on a day to day basis still. We are now, however, looking to expand our operations, grow our team and do more. Why don’t you join us? Every little thing you can do with love, to serve another in need, would make a difference. Would you like to help?